whole body core classes

Peaceful, Mindful, Soulful public classes, Mondays 5:30-6:45 pm at 2BWell.

Various props used in Whole Body Core classes (Picture of my home studio)

Various props used in Whole Body Core classes (Picture of my home studio)

My dear colleague, Sarah Purcell, of Pause 4 Movement, calls it “bringing the floor to you.” Explore ways to destabilize your surface and make standing exercises more accessible to you.


Here is a description of these classes. I use various-sized balls, yoga blocks, TRX ropes, blankets, and/or socks to destabilize our work surface and make normal-standing movements accessible to us. These classes are playful, mindful, and soulful.

They are also mishmash of all movement teachers who have made an impact on me. I've been blessed with some good ones, local and far:

Sue Poston, my childhood dance teacher. Rhythm McCarthy, Ruth Barnes, and Sara Brummel, my dance teachers at MSU. Jasara, Yasmine Al Alabassi, Jemina Garuba, and Theresa in Kansas City, Chicago, and Sgf for Middle Eastern and Oriental. Eva Cernik and Artemis Mourat in Denver and Silver Springs, MD. They taught me Turkish and Roma dance. Vicki Kastanis in Louisville, KY, for Greek dance, and Diana Dinicola, also in Louisville, for flamenco.

Beth Spindler was the brilliant teacher and singer who certified me with the Yoga Alliance.

My dance and movement idols are modern dancers Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham. I even got to study Graham training under McCarthy at MSU. It was simultaneously technical and soulful and I hated the concepts, not because they weren't brilliant but because my body at that time couldn't embody some of those concepts.

Enter Lauren Ohayon, the wise, worldly journalist and movement teacher of the brilliant online program, Restore Your Core™. After two very unique births and postpartum periods, RYC®️ helped reaquaint me with my core in both its power and expressiveness.

Whole Body Core classes and concepts are an embodiment of all my teachers and the techniques I learned from them.

Refund Policy: I offer no refunds because you’re the caliber of person to recognize that my training, experience, and quality work with you is an investment you’re willing to make. Also, there is no money-back guarantee for working together, mentally and physically, as a team. By agreeing to work with me, you’re aware that it is an investment, time and money-wise, and you’re ready to work with me.