My movement philosophy

Movement is freedom.


Quality of movement ebbs and flows throughout life. Fitness is elastic, and is not always a given. You change persons, almost, depending on what you’re going through. Sedentary jobs, active and heavy-loading jobs, injuries, illnesses, and other changes all adjust, or compromise, your movement. Modern life - in general - compromises your movement. And if you’re a woman, your cycles compromise your movement. If you’re a woman who chooses to give birth, pregnancy and postpartum cycles change your body forever. Aging changes your body. Period. However, I won’t submit to aging.

My movement M.O. is to explore the energy you have within you. I believe we all have powerful stores of energy within us that deserve to be awakened, shaken, and moved. Basically, a lot of that is energy we sit on. For a number of reasons, we cannot access it. Modern life won’t let you dig into it. You don’t have time to dig into it. Or you won’t allow yourself the time to dig into it.  

A really good way to release pent-up energy is to move. The best way to move is to enjoy your movement. That goes in a couple of directions. You can get into an exercise pattern and learn to enjoy those movements. Or, you can discover your favorite kinds of movements that you derive your joy from. I’ve done both of these directions equally. But, I live and abide by the second one. Both directions are discipline and exploration. You need both to truly benefit from movement. You just have to be moving. I particularly like fitness, dance, yoga, and functional movement. I have two kids, so functional movement is a major part of my life. However, for me to appreciate and really dig into my movements, I use an empty room. That space is a non-negotiable. That’s the physical space I use to explore my movements, impediments, and attitudes towards life and myself.

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Maria Savvenas, MA
Owner, RYC® Certified, RYT 200

Photo: Brandi Keltner, BGstudios Photography Makeup and hair: Emily Edgar, Emily Edgar Makeup

Photo: Brandi Keltner, BGstudios Photography
Makeup and hair: Emily Edgar, Emily Edgar Makeup