restore your core™

Public classes on Wednesdays, 5:30-6:45 pm at 2BWell.


Restore Your Core™ is a whole-body method to retrain your core and pelvic floor to be functional, reflexive, responsive, and supportive to your body.

This program is an internationally-recognized exercise method that women have found healing from their issues: core instability, prolapse, back pain, diastasis recti, and postpartum injuries.

This is the exercise method that filled in the gaps of all of my past training. This exercise method is steeped in biomechanics, functional movement, and brings the core into deep focus, the core comprising of the diaphragm/psoas, abdominal wall, spine, and pelvic floor.

Restore Your Core™️ classes are Lauren Ohayon’s one of 27 class templates, with Ms. Core flavor. Ms. Core is of course springing upon its locale and housed within 2BWell, a women's collective and integrative health center here in Springfield, MO. We are inclusive and welcoming and a healing resource for, in, and around Southwest Missouri. Our goal is to expand postpartum care for local women and womxn that need physical, emotional, and mental support.

Refund Policy: I offer no refunds because you’re the caliber of person to recognize that my training, experience, and quality work with you is an investment you’re willing to make. Also, there is no money-back guarantee for working together, mentally and physically, as a team. By agreeing to work with me, you’re aware that it is an investment, time and money-wise, and you’re ready to work with me.

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