Comprehensive core series - private sessions

“Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul’s weather to all who can read it.” Martha Graham


Why take this private series with Maria?

You know deep down you can heal. You want to feel seen, heard, recognized. You want to find your freedom, and part of that freedom entails movement. Maybe you are less active than you currently wish to be. If you are any of these things, a private series would serve you well. 

Firstly, I’ll read your movements, assessing your posture and breathing mechanics. Next, I’ll give you the experience of finding your deep core. I find blind spots and make adjustments right away to activate your deep core, alleviate back pain due to posture-led muscular disengagement, and reorient your bones so your pelvic floor can adjust immediately to normal patterns of movement.  My movement method is hands-on and contains specialized exercise sequences catered to your individual needs and issues. Biomechanical, functional, and alignment-based movements work in conjunction with any exercise routines you have and any manual therapies you participate in. 

What does this mean for you?

You come to me if you want a better way to move, an efficient and relaxing movement practice, and empowerment to move freely throughout your life. 

If you are pregnant or newly postpartum, I can help you prevent core and pelvic floor issues. If you have core or pelvic floor issues, I can help you alleviate the symptoms or rehab them entirely. Diastasis recti, prolapse, and incontinence are all issues that can be rehabbed so that you move through life without undue discomfort, despair, or resignation. The movement and exercises I do with you, rather, can empower you to take back your health, dignity, and empowerment.

How does private instruction work?

$250 for a comprehensive program, and I have a payment plan available that allows you to break the cost down into two monthly installments, $125 per month. Talk to me if you need another payment plan. 

We meet bi-weekly for two months. I can come to your house, even. Or we meet at my studio. The regularity of our meetings allows us to troubleshoot persistent issues and newer ones. We address those issues using a whole-body approach. If you’re meeting with me in person, you’ll receive email homework with instructions and videos to keep up with the work that will bring you more quickly to optimal whole body integration. We work together to determine your movement plan. I’ll check in with you weekly to support your progress. You’ll get handouts with reminders of lifestyle shifts to keep you moving better everyday. You’ll also get unlimited email or texting support for any clarity you may need.

 Refund Policy: I offer no refunds because you’re the caliber of person to recognize that my training, experience, and quality work with you is an investment you’re willing to make. Also, there is no money-back guarantee for working together, mentally and physically, as a team. By agreeing to work with me, you’re aware that it is an investment, time and money-wise, and you’re ready to work with me.

Zoom sessions receive a recording of our meeting, as well as email support. 

Session 1: Intake and assessments. This is a meeting where I look at the whole picture of movement in your life: events, injuries, wear and tear, and changes affecting your body. I’ll observe how you stand, walk, and breathe, and I’ll observe how you recruit muscles for loaded activities. From there, you’ll receive some exercises to practice on your own. 

Session 2: Basics. We review your progress of the exercises from the first meeting, and adjust your movement plan to layer in work, progressing towards your goals. 

Session 3: Create movement challenges based on your goals. One of my core principles is to destabilize the surfaces you’re moving on. I like to use props for this endeavor; a Swiss ball, trampoline, TRX ropes, and other modalities. We will either modify your current practice or add progressions.

Session 4: Integrating. We’ll check on your movement changes and note any impediments that need further clarification. If things are progressing well, we’ll add more complexity to your movement plan. 

Tune-up sessions are 30 minutes, $50 per meeting. 

Comprehensive Core Series expires within 3 months of purchase. When you purchase your series, you can begin scheduling sessions. Please, try to schedule at a time when you’re not going on a long vacation, are having a surgery, or other foreseeable conflicting event. Of course if an emergency happens, we can extend your series accordingly.

Who benefits from private sessions?

Anyone who has back pain, core and/or pelvic floor issues, and anyone who desires somatic or proprioceptive awareness to manage pain, injuries, and create body integration. Private sessions with a core/pelvic floor specialist help you troubleshoot and find solutions that you wouldn’t be able to get from your general care practitioners or exercise experts. One of the best benefits is learning how to operate with a completely reflexive, strong, and supple core/pelvic floor. Why build up a bunch of strength in the body without having a pelvic floor that can yield and shift along different loads? And why live in a body that has limited awareness of the diaphragm and psoas and how they operate in tandem with the core muscles?  

If I work in conjunction with a manual therapist, I also provide exercises that complement chiropractic adjustments, massage treatments, or pelvic floor physical therapy assessments.

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Private Instruction Optimize movement patterns, activate your deep core, and create movement challenges based on your goals.

Because you are more than a six-pack.

You can engage mindfully, instead of crushing and crunching your body into submission. You can get stronger by slowing down.
— Larissa Parson, RYC® Movement Teacher